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The team has rich and unique experience in the sphere of international trade laws relating to trade remedial measures. The team has been engaged by the exporters and importers in some contentious trade remedy cases in Jordan across all sectors including telecommunications, technology, chemicals (including pharmaceuticals) etc.

 The team represents legitimate commercial interests of foreign exporters, importers (within the Jordanian industry) as well as the consumers at large from the stage of initiation of investigation to the finalization of the proceedings before the administrative and quasi-judicial bodies, appellate authorities, high courts of various states of Jordan and the Supreme Court of Jordan. The team also has the requisite experience to advise and defend the interests of Jordanian industries before similar investigating authorities around the world.


Our litigation team have a very intensive experience acquired from practicing in Jordan, our Arabic speaking lawyers combine substantial technical ability and ‘on the ground’ experience with deep knowledge of the Jordanian legal system .

Our litigation team gets involved at all stages of the dispute, from filing/ defending a case before the court of first instance through to enforcement/ execution of court decisions and arbitral awards. We handle all types of civil and commercial cases including employment, construction, banking, insurance, debt recovery, personal injury, and professional negligence.

We have a specific focus on real estate disputes including cases which involve property developers, investors and individual owners. We also advise on rental disputes and have successfully represented landlords and tenants before all court stages.


The team provides advice to foreign companies on investment regulations, sectoral caps and regulatory issues relating to various sectors in Jordan. The team actively advises and opines on barriers to entry, which include foreign investment regulations, policies, specific commitments under various trade agreements, customs duty etc. The team advises clients on entry strategy, business and legal options of doing business in Jordan, setting of up a company and related labor law/ employment laws. The firm also advises clients on issues relating to employment. The firm assists and represents foreign companies before the regulatory authorities including Foreign Investment Promotion Board, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of Jordan and helps companies in getting necessary approvals/ clarifications/ registrations/ licenses. The team has advised clients from almost all sectors including telecommunications, technology and e-commerce, entertainment, media & broadcasting, education, pharmaceutical, defense, trading (retail and wholesale), real estate and construction among others. We have significant experience in dealing with mergers & acquisitions, private equity, joint venture agreements, international securities, foreign exchange regulations and capital markets transactions. The lawyers of the firm can assist in understanding the types of barriers faced by the foreign investors and the recourse to be taken. The firm actively advises clients on trade related issues which directly impact foreign investments in Jordan.


The firm give advice and handle all corporate legal processes (e.g. intellectual property, mergers & acquisitions, financial/securities offerings, compliance issues, transactions, agreements, lawsuits, patents) Develop company policy and position on legal issues Research, anticipate and guard company against legal risks Guide managers and ensure compliance with rules and regulations Structure, draft and review reports and other legal documents Represent company in legal proceedings (administrative boards, court trials etc.) Draft and administer all contracts Negotiate deals and attend company meetings .

The firm is undisputedly the market leader in Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency space and has consistently maintained its reputation and number one position. The firm offers comprehensive service in corporate restructuring led by commercial insolvency, insolvency related litigation, corporate debt restructuring, negotiated settlements, enforcement of security interest, securitization process and refinancing. The Firm through its critical advice has been able to put hundreds of companies on revival path. The team represents many clients including financial institutions, public and private companies. The team has been rendering unparalleled advice on matters including: Financial Due Diligence Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies Corporate and financial restructuring by using various instruments which include, merger, de-merger, debt-recast etc.


The firm has a strong Commercial Litigation team with knowledge base in all forms of dispute resolution which works toward making the process hassle free for the clients and ensures that disputes are resolved efficiently and cost effectively. The team advises wide range of industries engaged in manufacturing activities, telecom, energy, print media, hospitality, natural resources, financial services, insurance, health, entertainment, information technology, intellectual property, workplace relations, retail and trade, property and construction activity. Drawing on past successful cases, the firm is well equipped to handle litigation's of complex nature in the country. The Firm can boast of several landmark decisions which have been pronounced in the litigation's handled by the Firm. The firm is also skilled in Arbitration, an alternate dispute resolution, which is a valuable alternative to litigation In relatively simple disputes, we are happy to act as neutral arbitrators and local co-counsel to assist a mutually agreeable and legally binding solution to your dispute. As specialist legal arbitrators we are concerned only with facts and finding the fairest, most efficient solution to our clients problem .


The Firm provides legal advice relating to financing transactions including the review, drafting of financing and security documents, documentation, due diligence . The Firm has advised several creditors involved in some of the most relevant development projects of Jordan .


The Firm provides legal advise to insurance companies, it participated in the incorporation of a number of the insurance companies, we are general council of two companies and represents them before the Jordanian courts. We advise Insurance companies on all matters that relate to their business whether local or international and both Arabic and English languages.


The firm team provide advice to our clients in writing and drafting contracts and agreements in both languages Arabic and English .


The firm specialists in high volume debt collection. A genuine understanding of our clients’ needs, values and priorities empowers us to deliver, efficient, tailor-made debt collection services at competitive rates.


We provide corporate services in different areas of foreign direct investment and company set up.

“Knowledge law” offers  clients full services in this complex area.

Some of our corporate services encompass foreign investment, formation of entity, negotiation, contracts, articles of associations and registration services and formation of entity;limited liability companies, limited partnership companies, joint ventures or particular partnership companies, simple comandite companies, public shareholding companies, foreign companies, and particularly offshore companies. Our clients in this field of specialization include various national and foreign institutions as well as multinational companies engaged in business process outsourcing, banking, manufacturing, national and international trade, computer and technology company, food and beverage, transportation, agriculture, real estate, educational institutions and other related business sectors.

Knowledge Law also provides many other legal services listed below:


  • Fraud prevention.

  • Fraud control measures.

  • Code of conduct / SOPs/ internal policies.

  • Information systems.

  • Independent oversight investigation.

  • Risk assessment.

  • Security systems.


  • Management systems.

  • Develop business opportunities.

  • Strategic planning.

  • Risk analysis (Legal risk analyses).

  • Restructuring and reforming.

  • Consultancy projects.

  • Contracts drafting & negotiation.

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